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Harela Festival: 3 Million Kumaoni Unite with 4 Billion Microgreens for Monsoon's Aftermath


In the serene valleys of Uttarakhand, where the majestic mountains meet the clear skies, a joyous celebration known as the Harela Festival takes center stage. As the monsoon season blesses the land with life-giving rains, the Almora cultural community gathers to rejoice in the bountiful greenery that nature creates after the monsoon. This unique festival, with its roots in agricultural traditions, not only marks the end of the parched summer but also serves as an opportunity to understand the essence of new beginnings and the importance of patience and resilience, beautifully portrayed through the ritual of growing microgreens.

The Significance of Harela Rituals

The Harela Festival derives its name from the Kumaoni words "Hari" meaning "green" and "La" meaning "leaves." It symbolizes the lush greenery that envelops the mountains and valleys after the monsoon, filling the hearts of the people with hope and positivity. To truly appreciate and understand this green abundance, the Harela rituals involve growing microgreens a few days before the festival.

Vibrant microgreens adorned with colorful ribbons, flowers, and tradition, symbolizing celebration of new life during Harela.
Vibrant microgreens adorned with colorful ribbons, flowers, and tradition, symbolizing celebration of new life during Harela.

Growing Microgreens: A Lesson in Nature's Patience

Microgreens are young, edible greens that are harvested just a few days after sprouting. They are tiny versions of fully-grown vegetables and herbs, bursting with flavor and nutrients. To honor the spirit of the monsoon and the sprouting seeds, participants in the Harela Festival plant microgreen seeds in small pots or containers. As they carefully nurture these tiny plants, they observe the gradual growth and development, understanding the patience that nature displays during the wait for the monsoon and the slow transformation of the land.

Connecting with Nature's Rhythms

The act of growing microgreens for Harela instills a deep sense of connection with nature's rhythms. It allows us to witness the beauty of new life emerging from seemingly tiny and dormant seeds, much like the seeds that have been waiting for their turn to sprout after the dry summer season. This process imparts a valuable lesson in appreciating the significance of timing and being attuned to the natural cycles that govern our world.

Celebrating Harela Festival Day

On the day of the Harela Festival, the microgreens have usually grown into vibrant young greens, resembling the lush landscapes that grace Uttarakhand after the monsoon. People gather with these microgreens, decorated with colorful ribbons and flowers, symbolizing the colorful transformation of the land.

The festivities commence with prayers and offerings to express gratitude to the gods and goddesses for a successful monsoon and a promising harvest season ahead. Community members come together, dressed in traditional attire, and participate in folk dances, singing, and cultural performances, exuding a sense of unity and joy.

Embracing New Beginnings

As we celebrate the Harela Festival and witness the growth of microgreens, we are reminded of the resilience of nature and the power of patience. The festival serves as a reminder that every ending brings a new beginning, and just as the monsoon revitalizes the land, we too can find renewal and hope in the face of challenges.

Vibrant microgreens adorned with ribbons, flowers, and tradition, symbolizing Harela's celebration of new life.
Experience exuberant microgreens adorned with ribbons, flowers, and tradition at Harela Festival, celebrating new life and prosperity.


The Harela Festival in Uttarakhand is not merely a celebration of the monsoon's arrival or a simple agricultural event; it is a profound reflection of the relationship between humans and nature. By engaging in the unique ritual of growing microgreens, participants learn the value of patience and appreciation for the miracles of growth and renewal. As we embrace the spirit of Harela, may we carry the lessons of resilience, patience, and the beauty of new beginnings in our hearts and actions.



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