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Unlock the Magic of Holi with Gin Infused with Citrus Acid: A Secret Kumaoni Festival Recipe!

 Aerial view of a vibrant Holi celebration with colorful powder in the air and a cocktail glass filled with Gin Infused with Citrus Acid in the center.
"Cheers to Holi vibes! 🎉✨ Join the celebration with our refreshing Gin Infused with Citrus Acid, bringing zest to the festivities amidst the colorful chaos. #HoliJoy

Get ready to elevate your Holi celebrations with a secret recipe that's sure to dazzle and delight – introducing Gin Infused with Citrus Acid, a cherished Kumaoni tradition that's bound to become the highlight of your festivities!

Imagine yourself surrounded by laughter, vibrant colors, and the unmistakable buzz of excitement that comes with Holi. Now, add to that scene a tantalizing cocktail infused with the essence of Kumaoni hospitality – that's where the magic begins!

Here's what you'll need to create this unforgettable concoction:


  • Premium Gin

  • Tonic Water

  • Special Kumaoni Big-Sized Nimbu

  • Ice Cubes


  1. Begin by slicing up the luscious Kumaoni Nimbu into wedges, ensuring you capture every drop of its citrusy goodness.

  2. In a cocktail shaker, combine a generous pour of premium Gin with the freshly squeezed Kumaoni Nimbu juice.

  3. Shake vigorously with a handful of ice cubes until the flavors meld together in perfect harmony.

  4. Pour the infused Gin and Kumaoni Nimbu mixture into a chilled glass filled with ice.

  5. Top it off with a splash of tonic water for that extra sparkle.

  6. Garnish with a Kumaoni Nimbu wedge or a sprinkle of zest for a burst of flavor.

But there's more to this recipe than meets the eye. Thanks to Nick Booker's ingenious revelation on Instagram's Indogenious, we've uncovered the secret behind its irresistible allure. It's not just a cocktail – it's an experience!

With each sip of your Gin Infused with Citrus Acid, you'll feel the invigorating effects of Vitamin C and citrus acids, revitalizing your senses and leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to embrace the spirit of Holi.

So, why keep this recipe to yourself? Share the joy with your friends, family, and fellow revelers, and make this Holi one to remember! For a visual guide to creating your own Gin Infused with Citrus Acid masterpiece, be sure to check out Nick Booker's Instagram reel on Indogenious.

Cheers to a Holi filled with laughter, love, and the irresistible charm of Kumaoni hospitality!



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