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Uttarakhand's Thrilling Acro Festival & Free Paragliding Training: A Winning Combo

Prepare to be exhilarated, inspired, and filled with a sense of pure joy! Uttarakhand, India's "Land of the Gods," is about to take you on a breathtaking journey that will leave you craving adventure and dreaming of soaring through the skies. Thanks to the incredible Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board (UTDB), the state is not only opening its arms to adventure enthusiasts but also paving the way for self-employment opportunities that will light up the lives of its residents.

Paragliders in silhouette against a vibrant sunset in Uttarakhand, symbolizing the thrill of adventure as they glide through the evening sky.
Chasing Dreams in the Sunset Glow 🌄✈️ - Paragliders embrace the golden hues of the setting sun as they gracefully soar above Uttarakhand's picturesque landscape.

Daring Dreams and a Festival of Thrills

This November, UTDB is all set to unveil India's very first International Aerial Acrobatic Show in the enchanting town of Tehri. From the 24th to the 28th of November, the picturesque landscapes of Tehri will play host to 150 renowned paragliders, and 35 of them will come from far-flung corners of the globe.

The Acro Festival is a dazzling showcase of talent and daring dreams. You'll be spellbound by the breathtaking aerial acrobatics and edge-of-your-seat competitions. More than just a spectacle, this festival marks the dawn of paragliding in Tehri, offering not only leisure but also world-class training. UTDB has a grand vision: to attract paragliders from every corner of India and across the world, making Uttarakhand the ultimate global paragliding destination.

Unlocking the Potential of the Hills

Uttarakhand's soaring mountains and pristine landscapes have always beckoned adventure seekers. Paragliding has been on the rise in popular spots like Bhimtal, but UTDB recognizes that to make it truly special, it must invest in the talents of its own people. That's where the magic begins!

UTDB has embarked on a groundbreaking journey by offering free pilot courses, including P2, P3, and SIV training. Yes, you read that right – free of cost! This exceptional initiative isn't just about equipping individuals with skills; it's about igniting a passion for adventure and self-discovery.

A captivating scene of paragliders soaring gracefully over the crystal-clear waters of Tehri Lake, displaying breathtaking aerial acrobatics during the Acro Festival.
Skybound Elegance: Paragliders Paint the Skies at Tehri Lake's Ac

Empowerment Through the Skies

The fruits of these free pilot courses are already ripening. One batch of 15 students has triumphantly completed their training, while another batch is soaring to new heights in Tehri. UTDB is on a mission to train a whopping 100 pilots by the end of this year. Imagine the joy of self-employment and the thrill of sharing your love for paragliding with others, all while you get paid for it!

Uttarakhand's Future of Adventure Tourism

As we eagerly await the Aerial Acrobatic Festival in Tehri, the excitement is palpable. The festival is not just about showcasing Uttarakhand's stunning landscapes and the adrenaline rush of aerial acrobatics; it's about inspiring dreams and igniting the spark of adventure in the hearts of people.

UTDB's vision for adventure tourism and self-employment opportunities is not just a dream; it's a reality in the making. The festival is a beacon of hope and an invitation to dream big, spread your wings, and conquer the skies.

Conclusion: Let Your Dreams Take Flight

As you read about UTDB's Aerial Acrobatic Festival and free pilot courses, we hope you're filled with enthusiasm, motivation, and an indomitable spirit. The thrill of paragliding, the empowerment of free training, and the promise of self-employment opportunities are all here for the taking. Let this be your call to action, and share this article with your community. Together, let's make dreams take flight, and Uttarakhand's skies be the canvas for your adventure! So, who's ready to soar to new heights?

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24 oct 2023
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I'm from Sharanpur, how to register for this free paragliding training in Tehri uttarakhand ? Are other state persons also eligible for free training?

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